We provide Computer Training courses for Individuals, Groups and Seniors. From the complete beginner through to advanced levels. We hold various informal Workshops located at local cafes. We offer one-to-one and group training (tailored to your specific requirements) and we provide training at local community establishments for seniors to gain digital knowledge. Visit the “Buy Now” tab to enrol in one of our courses or give us a call on 0419 356 894 or send us an email at info@rightclickassistant.com for more details.


I-Tea Computer Workshops

Enrol in one of our series of I-Tea & Computer Workshops BYOD (bring your own device). The Workshops range between 2 –  3 weeks and are held at the The Tin Shed in Diamond Creek and Slices in Doreen.

We believe this way of learning benefits the learner as they can go away and practice, returning a week later with any questions thus cementing their knowledge.

Our range of Workshops include:

  • Create a Photo Book in a Day
  • Canva – online graphic design & image tool
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • Beginners to Computers
  • Communicate with Skype
  • Email and Internet – Beginners
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Introduction to Windows 10
  • Blog Basics
  • Microsoft office 2016 Programs
  • and more

To see the full  product details of the above workshops please click here to go to the ‘Buy Now‘ tab.

One to One Computer Training

Training conducted in your home or at an external venue if preferred. Purchasing a block of training is a fantastic way to obtain one-to-one computer training help. An initial meeting is held to ascertain your training requirements and to customise a program just for you.


You decide what topics you need training on and for how long. This gives you the ability to select the topics that are most relevant to you. This is ideal where courses may be broken down i.e. Introduction, intermediate or Advanced levels. You could cover a few items from each topic, enabling you to skip any section that you are already familiar with.  On a scheduled course, you do not have access to the same level of flexibility. Contact us for further details or to enrol.

Computers Step 1

This course will help you understand how computers work and how to use them. You will learn the difference between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use. Operating systems, applications, the cloud, and more are included. Whether you’re getting started with your first computer/laptop or are just looking to learn more about how they work, this workshop is for you.  When you are done, you’ll have an  understanding of how to use a computer/laptop. This workshop will give you the basis so you are ready to learn even more from one of our other Workshops/training sessions available.

Please ‘Contact Us‘ for further details or to enrol in this course.

Computers Step 2

This course is for beginners who have basic knowledge or have completed the Computer Basics (Step One) Course.  It takes you through step-by-step how to work with files and folders. Advanced internet features, bookmark a favourite web page, copy a web address, print a web page, save a picture, performing advanced searches.  It also includes advanced email features on creating folders, contacts, attachments and email signatures.

Please contact us via email, phone or via the ‘Contact Us‘ Tab to enrol in this course.


Work commitments may make it difficult to take time out for training courses. If you are competent using a computer but need help with the programs you use or want to learn one of the courses we offer, then you can learn hands-on via Skype in the comfort of your home or office.

To make a booking for a video session please Contact Us for further details.

Office 365 for Business

Would you like to learn how to use Office 365?  This beginners course will give you an understanding of:

• how to start working with Office 365, create, send and receive emails.
• using the Calendar.
• using Newsfeed
• access and navigate OneDrive
• start working with Office Online

Click here to enrol in this course or give us a call on 0419 356 894 or send us an email at info@rightclickassistant.com for more details.

Computer Gatherings

Computer Gatherings Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), are a fun and casual way to learn new skills and begin projects you’ve been meaning to do in the comfort of your home. Our sessions are  personalised to meet the needs of the group. Make it a social event by inviting a group of friends that have similar needs to join you. It is a fantastic way to have a personalised service at a lower per person cost. You can gather with friends and work on a variety topics for example:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Internet & Email
  • Buying and selling on Ebay
  • Shopping safely online
  • Using the Cloud
  • Microsoft Office Programs
  • Ipad Basics and Advanced
  • Windows 10
  • Digital Photobooks
  • and more

Bring Your Own Device” events are a new, fun and affordable way to learn new technology. You are also welcome to suggest a topic that you and your friends are particularly interested in.

Please contact us via email, phone or via the ‘Contact Us’ Tab to book a session or for further details.

Digital Inclusion in the Community

We provide a range of computer courses at Retirement Homes/Villages, Senior Citizen Centres and RSL’s are just some of the community establishments we visit to support local residents and seniors to gain the necessary digital knowledge and skills to be able to communicate online. Relationships aren’t maintained by letters anymore, but by texts, Skype, email and face-time. Being able to know what touch screens, cloud storage, live feeds and WiFi are, requires seniors to start from the basics. If seniors want to be able to able to communicate with their families, complete an online form, shop online, know how to send and receive emails, add and download attachments or even watch their favourite shows, they will need to understand how tablets, laptops and smartphones work.

Are you interested in getting online? Is there something specific that you want to use your mobile device for, but aren’t sure how to go about it, then please contact us to find out about either group training sessions or one-to-one sessions at your establishment or centre.

Microsoft Office Programs

We offer a range of courses in Microsoft Office Programs (2016) which include:

  • Word – Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced
  • Outlook – Introduction and Intermediate
  • Excel – Introduction and Intermediate
  • PowerPoint – Introduction and Intermediate

Click here to enrol in one of our courses or give us a call on 0419 356 894 or send us an email at info@rightclickassistant.com for more details.

Social Media for Business

Lean how to use Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for marketing and promoting your small business.  Gain an understanding of the different social media platforms available.  It is the perfect introduction course for small business owners or those wanting to promote themselves. .

Please contact us via email, phone or via the Contact Us tab to book a session or for further details.

Using the Cloud

Cloud computing is utilizing a network to store information that you want to access from multiple network devices. By using “The Cloud,” you can get to any of your uploaded information anywhere you have access to the Internet.

You will receive an introduction on the following topics:

  • Google Accounts – understand the benefits of Google Accounts
  • Google Documents – introduction to this free document application
  • Google Drive – get to know Google’s Cloud based storage
  • Google Sheets – introduction to this free Spreadsheet application
  • Google Slides – introduction to this free presentation application.
  • Google Maps, Google Tips, Icloud Photos and Backing up Data

Please contact us via email, phone or via the ‘Contact Us’ Tab to book a session or for further details.

Free Courses for Seniors - Be Connected Program

Right Click Assistant is a proud supporter and provider of the Be Connected Program, available and free to anyone over the age of 50.

Be Connected is a program funded by the Australian Government to help people over 50 to get online and become more confident in using digital technology and works through Network Partners to bridge the digital gap. We visit Retirement Homes/Villages, Senior Citizen Centres and RSL’s throughout the Diamond Valley area to deliver digital training sessions by appointment.

Our regular free sessions are held every second Thursday morning between 10.00 am – 12.00 pm at the Tin Shed in Diamond Creek. Participants will sign up to the online “Be Connected” learning program when they attend.

Book into one our free sessions where you will receive face-to-face support from our trained tutors. Click here for further details.

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