Email Marketing (MailChimp)


Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

A newsletter is a good way to keep in contact with your customers and promote your business and services. If you don’t have a MailChimp account RCA can set one up for you or if you do have an account but don’t have the time to produce the newsletter then RCA can upload your content on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. We can create the sign-up forms for you and help you grow your email list. If you don’t currently send a newsletter you’re missing a great opportunity to keep your customers and connections updated.

  • Setup a MailChimp account
  • Setup a sign up form
  • Create a newsletter template
  • Upload customer details
  • Creation of newsletter (content & images to be provided by you)
  • Formatting and Proofing
  • Social links
  • Schedule newsletter

We will send you a test for approval before sending out the Newsletter for you.

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