How often do you hear someone say ‘there are just not enough hours in the day’ really what they are saying is that I’m too busy? So, let’s have a look at some of the ways we can find more hours in the day just by being smarter about how we work.


Emails are one of the best and the worst inventions. They enable us to communicate more ‘effectively’ and more quickly, and move huge amount of information around the world. However, we also get tied to our inbox feeling like we have to regularly check our emails.

Try only checking your emails 2-3 times per day by setting aside specific times in the day when you check your emails, i.e. first thing in the morning, after lunch and before the end of the day.

Social Media

A quick check of Facebook can turn into an hour of status updates and commenting on friends’ posts. Try and schedule in your social media time just like your email checking. Especially if you are procrastinating over an important task that needs to get done, social media is an easy distraction.

To Do Lists

Just by organising yourself you will become more productive, allowing your mind to be clearer and providing yourself with a structure around what is going to be accomplished next. One of the greatest causes of stress and feeling overwhelmed is when we have many half-finished tasks. By writing ’To Do Lists” and then ticking off when the task is complete, we get a sense of closure and we free up the mental capacity to move on to the next task.


Outsourcing is the key to increasing productivity and finding more hours in the day. It is possible to outsource pretty much anything from arranging birthday parties, organising travel and accommodation through to having your dog walked. Both in our professional and personal lives we can use the rule that if the cost to us (in terms of hours, resources and stress) outweighs the cost of a specialist doing it for us then outsource.

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